Arm Shoulder Sort of Day

I try to sort of plan out what I’m going to do at the gym before I actually drive over there. I’ve seen some people including the somewhat controversial figure Mr. Rippetoe recommend this. It seems like sound advice, actually, for most things in life: not just lifting weights.

So, if you’ve been reading along—and I know you haven’t because the search Gods have decided that this site has little relevance to any of the MILLIONS of search queries presently being made in this world—you know that I’ve been sort of freestyling it before wanting to get back to Starting Strength. Why?

Because I feel I need to build up basic core strength first….lats, back, abs, legs, etc. So, I’m thinking about what to do tonight….

  1. Bicep curls
  2. OHP
  3. Sitdown thing that hits delts
  4. DIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SOME MORE DIPS!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Reverse curl (hits forearms)

I should also throw in some ab crunchies …and probably mow the Goddamn lawn.


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Gym 9/11

Tonight…. it was doable to get in db press sets 55 in each hand. Last time couldn’t do it. It’s so interesting how that works…the way strength increases. love it…. lat pulldown 110… that felt good…. barbell bench press with 35 each side… very doable… same thought about it’s interesting how strength increases…..

Oh, yea… lat pulldowns feel good…. knee raise things….. bought sexy underwear and a pair of Calvin K jeans for $14… DB FLYs with 30 a hand much easier… it’s interesting how strength increases!


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September 11 Update

Well, September 11 is a sad day in our nation’s history, and my condolences to friends, family, loved ones of all the folks who passed away on this day.

As for me, I’ve made a major reassessment… had a major revelation… about my gym training. I touched upon this is in the last post. The bottom line of the whole discussion is the importance of PATIENCE. That’s right: patience! That’s the ideal…that’s the value…that I must constantly keep in the front of my mind.


Tired Beat Down Sort of Worn Out

Well, the working out has gotten me sort of banged up. I got a pain in my left shoulder, right side lumbar and I did a minor groin yank when squatting yesterday. I have realized a few things.

There are 3 main things to get in order when it comes to getting into shape:

  1. Diet
  2. Rest
  3. Exercise Program

And, the prerequisite to those three, of course, is the whole quit smoking thing. Well, if I’m being honest, I don’t have any of those four things in order. The past couple months of exercise have demonstrated to me just how bad of shape I really am in…

Since I’m a guy who basically looks fit, it’s VERY EASY to delude myself into thinking that I am fit. I’m not. Sure, I understand I look pretty healthy, but that doesn’t mean shit. It doesn’t mean you got lats or quads or hamstrings or abs or back muscles that are strong.

I was kind of kidding myself. That’s okay. That’s definitely okay. I’ve taken an honest assessment. That’s to say…updated my self-assessment. And, I’m feeling determined. And, I’m going to proceed with great patience.

I think that’s the key:



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Gym 9/1/15

Well, I’m glad that back pain only lasted for one day. That really surprised me. Exercise people: I’ve seen them distinguish between the type of pain that results from injury and the type that’s natural muscle soreness. The pain I felt in my lumbar…I thought it was injury pain. But, it went away. Fast. Hallelujah. So, I didn’t miss a beat in my gym schedule. That’s the way it’s got to be. In life, it’s so damn easy to get off track! Anyone can do that! But, the discipline to keep a workout schedule…that’s something that I can find challenging. I’ll get off to a good start…maybe that good start will last for months…but, inevitably, I get off track.

So, yesterday, I saw this skinny girl doing sort of heavy squats…that was kind of unusual. But, anyway…I was doing 50 pound DB press. Then that weird pressing machine that calls itself a decline press even though it seems like an incline. And, lat pull down…I think 110. And dips.


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Dreaded Back Pain

Yesterday, Aug 31, I woke up with the dreaded lower back/lumbar pain. I sort of live in fear of this. It’s the reason I stopped lifting weights last time. Today, Sept. 1, thank GOD, the pain is gone. And, that surprises the hell out of me!

But, anyway…Aug. 30 I was at the gym doing:

    • Trap bar DL
      Leg press
      Hamstring curl
      Ab crunch
  • And, I’ve been taking it extremely easy with the Trap Bar DEADLIFTS. I mean…just doing them once a week. Started off at very low weight initially two months back (135 pounds)…going up five or ten pounds a week. So, last time, I was doing 190 pounds. That’s not much. And, it went fine. And, I felt fine afterwards…until…I woke up the following morning. And, KAPOW…OUCH…that lumbar. That was upsetting. I thought to myself something like this: “THIS REALLY SUCKS! I BETTER JUST NOT EVER DO DL OR SQUAT AGAIN BECAUSE MY GODDAMN BACK CAN’T HANDLE IT!”

    But, I woke up today. And, I feel fine. Go figure. Still procrastinating on the stop smoking thing too!


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    Easy Way To Stop Smoking Chapter 30: Will I Put On Weight?

    The Easy Way To Stop Smoking book cover

    Chapter 30 Will I Put On Weight?

    Okay, continuing with Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking book…let’s look at Chapter 30 called Will I Put On Weight? To see previous analysis of the book, click here.

    Here, Chapter 30, Mr. Carr tells us that weight-gain during smoking cessation is a myth spread by willpower quitters. Those folks attempt to assuage nicotine withdrawal with food and candy. This isn’t entirely capricious. After all, the nicotine cravings are similar to hunger pangs. And, both are addressed orally.

    And, I want to also mention something quite intriguing that Carr only mentions in parenthetical passing:


    This is very interesting, and I think it could be worthwhile to explore this idea elsewhere. I’m not sure if he has or not. But, the idea is that after a short time, cigs don’t completely knock-out the nicotine pangs. And, could some people be using alcohol to address that? Yea, this is extremely interesting. I’m not sure. I’d have to think about it for a while. I know when I drank…well, two things about when I drank: 1. I drank a lot. 2. I smoked a lot. And, I stopped drinking over ten years ago, but I’m still puffing. So, it was easier for me to stop using heroin…easier for me to stop drinking…than to quit smoking. That’s a pretty disturbing thing to think about.

    Anyway, Carr tells us that once you expel the nicotine monster, your insecurity ends and you get your confidence back. That sounds appealing.


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    Easy Way To Stop Smoking Chapter 29: Will I Miss the Cigarette?

    The Easy Way To Stop Smoking book cover

    Chapter 29 Will I Miss the Cigarette?

    Okay, continuing with Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking book…let’s look at Chapter 29 called Will I Miss the Cigarette?. To see previous analysis of the book, click here.

    So, here’s the question you can’t help asking yourself when you’re thinking about quitting smoking. Am I going to miss it? Well, of course you are…at least for a while, right? Everyone knows it’s hard to quit smoking. Right? Well, at least I thought so for years and years. But, according to our good Carr, he’s telling me again and again that quitting is easy and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m having a lot of doubts. Well, let’s see what ole Carr has to say.

    He says no. He says that when the nicotine monster is dead and your body stops jonesing for it, the brainwashing will go bye-bye. Okay, but how long before that happens? I googled about and consensus seems to be that all the nicotine is gone from your body in around 2 to 3 days. That’s the point, I think, when you really start going insane. That’s where I think the Chantix really saved my bacon last time because the Chantix let me sort of bypass that insanity. But, Carr’s telling me that it’s not insanity! It’s enjoyable! We’ll fucking see.

    He says a considerable danger is being around people who are smoking. Well, I’m not around smokers, so I don’t have to worry about that part. Carr reminds us not to envy smokers. Don’t feel like you’re being deprived as a nonsmoker. Think, instead, that it’s the smoker who’s being deprived of health, money, energy, peace, freedom, etc. Yea, I do get that part. That part makes sense to me. He says we should pity smokers and see them as pathetic and miserable.


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    Easy Way To Stop Smoking Chapter 28: Timing

    The Easy Way To Stop Smoking book cover

    Chapter 28 Timing

    Okay, continuing with Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking book…let’s look at Chapter 28 called Timing. To see previous analysis of the book, click here.

    All right, it’s a new day, we’re on page 147 of 220, and let’s keep charging through this text! This chapter concerns the timing of your quit smoking attempt. Carr reminds us that smoking is a drug addiction and disease and killer. He emphasizes that timing your quit is important. He says you should figure out an upcoming three week period that is free from events that may lead to failure. So, in other words, if you know that you have a divorce proceeding in court next week, this may not be the opportune time to quit.

    He says, “while you are smoking that last cigarette, be conscious of the bad smell and taste and think how marvelous it will be when you allow yourself to stop doing it.” He repeats that you’re not giving anything up…and, it’s not the addiction, but rather the brainwashing that keeps you puffing. We all have our “own private brainwashing.” That’s an interesting expression.

    And, Carr keeps on telling me that not only am I going to find it easy to quit…I’m also going to find it very enjoyable. He also discusses a bit of the conceptual basis behind his method which demands that we continue smoking until we finish reading the book.

    “The real trap is the belief that now isn’t the right time—it will always be easier tomorrow.”

    Okay, and Carr hits me with this next part, and I must admit that, yes, he’s right:

    “You’ve already decided that your are not going to stay in the trap the rest of your life. Therefore, at some time in your life, whether you find it easy or difficult, you will have to go through the process of getting free.”

    This is definitely true. It’s just that for going on thirty years, I keep on saying to myself, “Tomorrow, tomorrow…” Even right now, I’m saying that to myself. And, he keeps telling me that I’m going to enjoy quitting. I just have a hard time believing that still.


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